Audience or one of the crowd (2014)

October 15th 2011. I was one of the crowd. Among friends on 46th street. OWS at Time Square. We where there to make our voices heard, to mark space with our bodies. At 7pm the NYPD arrived. They formed a line across 46th street and physically pushed us west towards Sixth Avenue. I decided to watch the back of the crowd with the camera in my hand. I became the audience. Recorded my friends and other lives, who decided to hold on to the street and to scream: "this is a non violent protest" "this is a non violent protest" "this is a non violent protest". First I was a demonstrator, then I became an audience, and then I turned into a criminal. They used the plastic handcuffs around my wrists and pushed me into one of the NYPD vans. We were 70 lives that got arrested that evening. We were no longer part of the crowd.

During June 6-July 3 2014, I will become part of the audience at EFA.

Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP